The Cornucopia Committee Inc.

Raising funds for the prevention and treatment of child abuse since 1963

Our Mission Statement

The Cornucopia Committee Inc. is a registered charity and leader in the field of fundraising for the prevention of child abuse and consists of a dedicated group of volunteers working to raise money for child protection and associated issues. The funds are raised by organising interesting and exciting functions while relying on some generous donors and sponsors to support our team so we may donate to various groups combating the scourge of child abuse including:

To date we have raised several million dollars in our battle against child abuse. The abuse of children is a secret evil which makes fundraising more difficult.

We ask you to spread the word amongst family and friends about the valuable work the Cornucopia Committee is doing in raising funds for this most important child protection issue which is often neglected in general society.

We are delighted to announce that on Australia Day 2016, Dorothy Ryan, President of the Cornucopia Committee was recognised with the Order of Australia, for her significant contribution to the prevention and treatment of child abuse.

The Committee is immensely proud of this achievement and with your ongoing help and support we will steadfastly continue with this important work.

Cornucopia Committee Inc – 2016 / 17

DorothyThe Cornucopia Committee wish to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your support in 2016.

It never ceases to amaze me that our small and very dedicated committee can make $80,000.00 to distribute between the hospitals and CAPS (child abuse prevention service) Thank you to the extremely generous people making this possible.

We are spreading our wings into ‘The Shire’ with two shire ladies joining our committee and I welcome Ellen Klees and Sue Smith.

Kindest regards
Dorothy Ryan OAM
President, The Cornucopia Committee Inc